#You Made It Happen

Two people smiling holding a thank you card

Dear (Please select all that apply):

  • volunteer,
  • donor,
  • fundraiser,
  • campaigner,
  • the advocate,
  • the supporter,
  • the champion,
  • the other …
  • the people who come together to make Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice what it is.

We’d like to take this opportunity on November 19 aka. #YouMadeItHappen day to express our gratitude to all the support that you provide for the hospice. Collectively YOU contributed more than 83,000 hours of your valuable time, that’s 3,458 days in the last year alone! That’s enough to climb Mount Everest 86 times!

Here’s just a few things we wouldn’t have been able to do without your support:


  • Thanks to YOU we now have an award winning sensory garden much valued by staff, patients, families, and birds alike.

Staff, nurses, patients, and friends in the sensory garden

  • Thanks to YOU the Day Hospice welcomed 113 people in the last year, inviting them to get involved in all sort of activities ranging from exercise classes to Elvis impersonators!

A laughing patient

  • Thank to YOU our Healthcare Assistants were able to make 7,133 home visits providing personal care and support to 259 people.
A community nurse holding our thank you card
  • Thanks to YOU our 16 shops all over Greenwich & Bexley contributed 26% of the income we need to deliver our services.
Interior of a baby shop
  • Thanks to YOU our Mini Marathon was a huge success, with 1,500 children running, jogging, and walking the course.Together YOU raised £83,333!!! Thank you.

These are just a few examples of how YOU, our supporters, have made invaluable contributions that allow us to do what we do. Thank YOU.

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