mick nad paula's story

Many of the people who come to the Day Hospice rely on volunteers like Mick and Paula.

Married for 43 years, they wanted to find a volunteer activity they could do together in retirement and jumped at the chance to become a driver and a driver’s escort.

‘It gives you a purpose and makes you feel you’re giving something back,’ said Paula. ‘You get to know the people you bring in each week and see the difference it makes to them and their families.’

With almost 40 years working for the London Ambulance Service, Mick’s used to transporting people.

‘Being able to volunteer together is lovely. And it’s great knowing that when you turn up to collect someone, it’s going to give them the chance to get out and meet other people and give their family or carer some respite. It doesn’t take much time out of our day but it means the world to the people who need help getting to the Hospice.’

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