A letter of thanks from Kate Heaps our CEO

When it really mattered, our local community stepped up in support of our local Hospice.

So many people came together in response to our emergency appeal for the Coronavirus pandemic. From donations of PPE, food and gifts for our nurses, to time donated by those on furlough.

Many people took on new and exciting virtual challenges, and many more found creative ways to fundraise, such as selling homemade masks. And of course, the individual donations, which are still coming into us daily. People have given so generously, at what we know has been a difficult time for many.

Your donations and fundraising have been vital to keep our Hospice running, especially when we lost income from our shops being closed and events being cancelled.

This has been a time of great pride as I’ve seen what our local community can do when they come together.

Because our community stood together, people across Greenwich and Bexley have continued to receive incredible care.

Most of this has been in their own homes, and our nurses and care team have moved mountains for families in the most difficult of circumstances.

In the last few months I’ve seen an outpouring of kindness and compassion, on a scale I have never seen before and I’ve been inspired and humbled on a daily basis.

But as I look forward to the coming months, I know there is still work to be done. Coronavirus is not beaten yet. And even without the threat of a global pandemic, each day there is work to do, caring for patients and their families at the point when they need us the most.

We will never the people who stood by us when it mattered most. I hope you will continue to stand with us in the coming months, so that whatever may happen next, our Hospice will continue to be here, giving the very best care to those at end of life.

Thank you for caring. Thank you for being here.

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