This important development sees eight voluntary sector organisations in Bexley working together in a new way to provide support to local people with care needs and to support family carers too.

The organisations have formed a Consortium to work as partners with Bexley ASC, carrying out care assessments and reviews which will enable local people to find the right support that helps them to maintain their independence and quality of life.

The first stage is now “live” and involves the voluntary sector Consortium staff undergoing a thorough training programme delivered by ASC colleagues throughout October and into November. This will equip them to carry out the work effectively and to a high standard, building on their existing expertise and the services they have provided in the Borough over many years.

Once their training is complete, Consortium staff will initially offer this service to people who are already linked in some way to their organisations. The work will focus on people who could benefit from timely advice, additional support or a change to their current care plan.

Greenwich and Bexley Community Hospice, one of the Consortium partners will hold the contract with LBB on behalf of the eight voluntary sector members. Although it has taken some time for the Project to be developed it is a positive step for everyone involved that implementation is now under way and the project is moving ahead.

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