Day Hospice


Owls pay a visit to the Day Hospice

Our Day Hospice provides a social and welcoming environment for people with a terminal illness.

People are usually referred to the Day Hospice by a GP, nurse or hospital consultant. After a referral has been made, a member of the Day Hospice team will contact you to discuss your specific needs, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions or raise any concerns. People are usually offered a place at the Day Hospice for one day a week.


A chair-based exercise group with Oomph!

When you attend the Day Hospice a trained nurse will assess your needs and agree a personalised plan with you, including when you'll be able to attend and which services and groups you'd like to access. This will be reviewed every 12 weeks to ensure you're getting the best out of the services and care available.

Up to 30 people may attend each of our Day Hospice sessions. People can receive medical treatments during their day, including blood tests, blood transfusions, drug administration and advice and support to help with symptoms to save them having to go to hospital or to see their GP.

A weekly support group, run by one of our counsellors, aims to support people to come to terms with their individual situation and what it means for them.


Pottery workshop at the Day Hospice

Martha, Day Hospice Nurse, said: 'I work as part of a small, intimate and caring team and absolutely love coming to work. It's such a positive and jolly place - quite the opposite to what most people associate with a hospice. I meet some fantastic people who make my job such a pleasure.'

For more information about the Day Hospice, please call 020 8312 2244.

All care, therapies, and meals are provided free of charge but a voluntary contribution of £5 towards the cost of lunch is welcomed, if possible. Transport to and from the Day Hospice can sometimes be provided by our volunteer drivers, subject to availability and people's individual mobility.

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if the Queen needed the Hospice she wouldn't get any better treatment than my husband did

Mrs U, Bexleyheath