Dying Matters

The Hospice supports 'Dying Matters' helping to raise the sometimes difficult issues around death and dying.

Some people have the sort of relationships where this is understood - where families and loved ones can express love and fear, be open about the future and acknowledge that life is not forever.  But many of us don't, no matter how much we love each other.  It's hard to face an uncertain future.

Starting the conversation, particularly with those close to you, is never easy.  We don't want to upset people or sound gloomy.  Families commonly report that it comes as a relief once the subject is brought out into the open.  

Here are some comments made by people that you may relate to:

"It's not so much dying that I'm worried about but making sure that everything is sorted out for the people left behind."

"I think you need to just come straight out with it.  I did it by making a joke about them being after my money and went on from there."

"I've tried to bring up the subject with my children, but they really don't want to talk about it because I think they're frightened themselves."

As you can see, you are not alone.  Talking about death doesn't bring death closer.  It's about planning for life, helping you make the most of the time that you have.

For further information please visit the Dying Matters website.

Spending time with friends I meet at the Hospice is really special. Sharing experiences has helped me to cope and look to the future.

Maria, Greenwich

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