Gardens in Blackheath

Garden at Heathwood Garden, photo Martha Gowans, 2 cropped

30 Morden Road, London SE3 0AA
Sunday August 9th

Front garden includes mixed beds; coniferous border, anemones and agapanthuses. Back garden includes a lawn and tree house with kitchen garden with fruit patch.

Refreshments on offer including sparkling wine and a very special and summery home-grown herb infusion drink

25 Morden Road, London SE3 OAA
Sunday August 9th

The garden wraps around the whole house in a third of an acre plot. It has a number of herbaceous mixed borders with a strong emphasis on Mediterranean plants such as palms, and bananas

28 Morden Road, London SE3 OAA
Sunday August 9th

Formal front garden leads to spacious open back garden, surrounded by mature trees and two small ponds. Upper garden has lavender, grasses and hostas. Sculptures around garden. Partial wheelchair access to terrace with good view of garden.

41 Southbrook Road, Lee, London SE12
Saturday August 8th and Sunday August 9th

Developed over 14yrs, this large garden has a formal layout, with wide mixed herbaceous borders full of colour, surrounded by mature trees, framing sunny lawns, a central box parterre and an Indian pergola. Discover fish and damselflies in 2 lily ponds.

Many sheltered places to sit and relax. Refreshments will include soft drinks and biscuits in a small classical garden building with interior wall paintings, almost hidden by roses. Access notes: Side-access available for standard wheelchairs. Gravel driveway, a few steps in sidepath.

Carroll 4
eliot place 1

5 Meadway SE3 OUP off Heath Lane, Blackheath
Saturday August 8th and Sunday August 9th

This garden lies on a south-facing slope in a quiet location off Heath Lane. It is surrounded by trees and has a "hidden away" feel.

Set on three levels down a slope: an upper patio level with flower border; a small intermediate lawn with a broad herbaceous border against a sunny wall; and a lower lawn with fruit trees. There is a pretty fish pond and lots of bird life.

Refreshments will be tea and cake and Pimms if the weather is fine

Access notes: There is easy access around the side of the house to the upper level of the garden, but people with restricted mobility may have problems accessing the lower levels.

The Meadway is a gravel drive with an uneven surface and there is very limited parking outside the house; if arriving by car please park on Eliot Vale.

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