Linking With Others

The Hospice provides specialist advice and support to people with life limiting illness, their family and friends as well as the other health and social care professionals involved in their care.

To ensure we can share our expertise with as many people as need our services, in the main, we aim to complement the care that others provide rather than to doing it all ourselves. Sometimes we may also take on responsibility for coordinating care, but often those that know patients best such as your primary care team or hospital team will take the lead.

Whatever our role in care, we will aim to communicate as well as we can with professional colleagues, ensuring that the care we provide or organise meets patient needs and priorities.

In order to ensure that we deliver the best, most joined up care, we will also seek permission to communicate with other members of the health and social care team, this may include face to face and telephone communication as well as written communication, usually when something changes.

The following links will provide some useful information on palliative care

NHS Choices, End of Life Care guide

National Council for Palliative Care

National End of Life Care Programme 

Just saying thank you does not seem enough for all you have done for our family." Mum was at peace and without pain until she quietly passed away.

Peter, Sidcup

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