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RePurpose @ Greenwich Reuse and Recycling Centre

Once loved items destined for the bin may only need a pinch of love and a little tinkering to return them to glory so they can bring joy to their new owner, diverting them from landfill and providing vital funds to support our Hospice.

Working in collaboration with the Royal Borough of Greenwich and Veolia, we give visitors to the Nathan Way Reuse and Recycling Centre the opportunity to donate their once loved, but now sadly unwanted items to RePurpose rather than condemning them to the bin forever.

The RePurpose Team then gets to work sanding, smoothing, restoring, adjusting, tweaking, and mending until they end up with something they’re really quite proud of.

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For rare bargains, hidden treasures and unique creations before they are snapped up by its lucky new owners to be loved once again:

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We are always looking for people with experience in tweaking, mending, painting, wiring, sanding, lifting, moving, creating, sweeping, driving, selling, tea-making, chatting, laughing, and generally anyone who’s keen to get involved and get their hands dirty! Click below to find out more or come and say hello to Lawrence and his team.

Meet the Makers

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Lawrence, RePurpose Manager

Making stuff for:

30 years.

Best thing about RePurpose:

When you start working on a new item you never know what you’re going to end up with, each piece is unique.

What most people don't know about us:

The huge scope of what we can do here, we’ve got a lot of experience between us!

Favourite projects

Hmm, well I love electronics, but have to say my heart lies with woodwork.

picture of john

John, RePurpose Volunteer

Making stuff for:

Many, many years.

Best thing about RePurpose:

It breaks my heart to see things go to waste, so being able to bring things back to life makes me happy.

What most people don't know about us:

That they might find just what they’ve been looking for, a one of a kind piece of treasure.

Favourite projects

Fixing electrical items. Put it this way, I’ve got a bit of prior experience!


Find us

Our shop is just outside of Greenwich Reuse and Recycling Centre in Nathan Way:
5 Magpie Lane SE28 0FP

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