Date: Friday 24 June – Tuesday 28 June 2022

Location: Hadrian’s Wall, starting at Carlisle.

Registration Fee: £75.00

Minimum Fundraising Pledge: £650

What does our Hadrian’s Wall package include?

  • Transport from the Hospice to Hadrian’s Wall and return.
  • 4 nights hostel accommodation
  • Baggage transit along the route
  • Group Leader/ Trek guide: Bobby McGuane, Beyond Boundaries
  • Fundraising support

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The Hadrian’s Wall challenge will be tough, you will cover 60 miles over 3 days. You will need a certain level of fitness to do this but it will be an incredible achievement as you finish at Wallsend.

Hadrian’s Wall has an incredible history, standing the test of time. Built in AD122 on the orders of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, stretching East to West, connecting the coasts of Britain. It is the most remarkable Roman monument in the country. It is now a world heritage site which cuts through Northumberland National Park and is a perfect location for this challenge!

An amazing experience with fantastic support awaits you! Join our team and “step back in time!


For more information contact the fundraising team on 020 8319 9230.

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