Are you fearless and ready to take on an adrenalin fuelled challenge?

Learn the secrets to walking across 20 feet of wood embers burning at 1236 degrees Fahrenheit!

As the temperature drops and the autumn nights draw in why not join the hottest walk in Bexley and Greenwich?

Our sponsored Fire Walk is back for the second year, and this is an excellent way to channel your inner strength and learn the secrets of walking on fire. It is also a great bonding experience to enjoy with friends, family and work colleagues; not only will you be going through a unique and thrilling experience together, you’ll also find that fundraising as a team is easier!

A person walking across burning embers with the support coach.


Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice

185 Bostall Hill,

London SE2 0GB


Seminar 3.45pm – 4pm

Firewalk 6.00pm


Registration Fee:


Minimum Fundraising Pledge:


On the day…

You will take part in a seminar which will last about 2 hours after which you will want nothing more than to set foot on fire! You will be lead to the path, where friends and family will be watching as you take those steps you never thought possible.

Get in touch!

For more information contact the Fundraising team on 020 8319 9230 or email us at 

Thank you!


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