'Never underestimate the healing power of a quiet moment in a garden.'

I’m not sure who said that, but my Nan and Grandad lived by it. They both spent hours in the garden, whatever the weather. Nan was totally green-fingered, remedying even the saddest-looking plants back to good health; Grandad mostly just loved a great barbecue in the garden!

I remember Nan and Grandad with such joy in my heart, for all the long days spent in the garden… weeding, potting, making mud pies when I was little! It feels totally fitting to celebrate and remember them in the summer – and that’s why I dedicate one of our roses to them.

The pink steel roses that I dedicate for them as part of Roses to Remember, feature in a gorgeous display in the hospice grounds. There’s just something so moving about looking out at the hundreds of pink roses, and knowing each one is there for someone special.

We love our gardens here in the hospice too. And we see the amazing healing power in action, when patients and their families spend time outside or simply look through the windows. They connect with nature and their inner thoughts. For loved ones, it offers a space to reflect, meditate, and find peace amidst the most difficult of times.


Join us as we fill our garden with roses this summer and remember loved ones fondly

The roses make for a perfect gift, personal keepsake or touching tribute to honour the memory of loved ones.

After the display at the hospice, you can collect your roses and take them home. I love catching a glimpse of ‘Nan and Grandad’s roses’, standing proudly in my flowerbeds when we’re in the garden playing, laughing and barbecuing – just as they loved to.

You can dedicate a rose easily by clicking the button below. Every rose dedicated will be hand planted in the hospice gardens for everyone to come and see on Sunday 30th June, when you can then take your rose home to display in your special place. You can also call the team on 0208 320 5785 for more information.

We will wish for sunshine, but even on a dreary day, these pink roses ‘pop’ and never fail to make me smile. Reserve your rose today and let’s remember together.

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Dedicate a Rose

You are invited to dedicate one of our beautiful pink steel roses in memory of someone special.

Standing proudly within our grounds, our special rose ‘Tender Loving Care’ is a unique rose variety grown especially for our hospice. Our steel flowers are inspired by this stunning pink rose, symbolizing gratitude and admiration, making them the perfect choice to dedicate to our loved ones. We invite you to dedicate a beautiful steel rose to someone special.

Each rose you purchase will be hand placed in our hospice gardens for a special display on Sunday 30th June. After which your rose will be yours, to collect and display in your own homes and gardens.

The donation you make towards our Roses appeal means that patients receiving our care right now will feel safe and comforted at the most difficult time. Your support ensures your community will receive the best care, not just today but in the future. This is now more important than ever before. You are helping to
make every moment count. With our patients in mind we have set a minimum donation of £25 per rose to support the work of the hospice.

This summer, to mark an anniversary year and to celebrate 30 years of patient care for the people of Greenwich & Bexley, our Roses to Remember appeal will also offer a limited number of rose plants, inspired by our 'Tender Loving Care' rose.

For a minimum donation of £50 you will secure your rose plant as well as a steel rose.  

Event details

How to find us:

Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice,185 Bostall Hill, London, SE2 0GB

By bus

The Hospice is on the B11, 99 and 301 bus routes

By train

Abbey Wood is the nearest train station

By car

Parking is limited within the hospice grounds but there is plenty of free parking on Bostall Hill outside the hospice. There will be a drop-off and pick-up point directly outside the main entrance. You will need to drive down the main driveway to access this, but we do ask you to only use this area for drop offs.

We have a limited number of roses and steel roses which will be allocated on first come first serve basis. Each
steel rose is made of steel and stands at 24 inches tall and 3 inches wide. This year’s anniversary roses are a
lighter colour pink than previous years. Steel roses may fade and weather over time.
All roses will be available for collection from 1pm on Sunday 30th June after the display has finished.

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