Who we are

We are a team of trained counsellors and volunteers who provide emotional support to people with terminal illnesses, their family and friends. We also provide bereavement support for those affected by bereavement.

What we do

We provide a safe environment for people, at what can be a really difficult time, where you can explore and understand your feelings with others who are able to help you reflect on the way you may be feeling and develop ways of coming to terms with the changes going on in your life.

We support people who are accessing other Hospice services. We also provide support to the friends and family of anyone with a connection to someone receiving care through the Hospice. We can provide different types of support, including:

  • telephone listening service
  • bereavement support groups
  • drop-in Community Cafe (on Zoom) where you can meet people in a similar position to yourself
  • counselling services at the Hospice or at home (for people unable to travel to the Hospice).

What can I expect?

We will provide you with an initial assessment by phone, so we can understand the best way we can support you. Following this assessment we will arrange appointments and put together a plan with you. You can expect a friendly face who will explore what you are expecting us to help you with.

It may be there are services provided by other people or organisations which meet your needs better than our team, in which case we will provide you with their contact details to help you access their care.

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