We are currently revising how we support Nursing and residential care homes.

With over 30 Nursing/residential homes in Bexley and Greenwich the hospice currently aims to support and empower Nursing and residential home staff alongside their GP practice to provide good end of end of life care for their residents who are at this stage of their life.

We recognize that this is the person’s home and is often the best place to receive end of life care. We work closely with families, Nursing Home staff and their GP’s to avoid the unnecessary admission to hospital and to support a peaceful, dignified death in their current familiar placement.

To help achieve this we currently:

  • Work closely with the designated GP practices for the care/nursing home.
  • Telephone support and liaison with families as well as staff.
  • Provide symptom management
  • Provide training for care home staff on a range of topics and issues relating to end of life care
  • Support for staff in care homes, through reflection and teaching.
  • Encourage the use of family and Staff to register on the Universal Care Plan
  • Strive to create universal care plans for residents/patients to increase the visibility of patients wishes and preferences between clinician, [patients and carers ( more information can be found at https://ucp.onelondon.online/patients )

If you feel your relative requires palliative care due to uncontrolled symptoms, psychological distress or advice in helping avoid hospital admission please speak to the nursing/care home manager or GP in the first instance for consideration of a referral to palliative care.


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