Hospice medical team

About our team

The Hospice’s services, both clinical and non-clinical, are supported by an established team of doctors. The medical team works across a wide range of services supporting clinical activity in the local community, on site at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich and on the Inpatient Unit at the hospice. The medical team is also involved in an advisory capacity to healthcare professionals, educational activities, and helping the Hospice develop its strategy.

The medical team consists of specialist doctors trained in palliative medicine led by a senior team comprising consultants and an associate specialist. The senior medical team is supported by established staff grade doctors and local GPs, who work part-time in general practice and part-time in palliative care. The medical team also includes doctors in trainee posts on rotation who are training to be GPs.

The team includes:

  • Dr Ruth Miles is a Consultant in palliative medicine and has been in post since 2013. Dr Miles’ principal clinical input is in the Inpatient Unit and she also leads in research and audit in the Hospice.
  • Dr Jolomi Arowolo and Dr Laura Symonds are Staff Grades in palliative medicine. They each have a largely clinical remit and work across the various hospice settings.
  • The team also includes General Practice Vocational Training Scheme Doctors. These doctors are training to be GPs and spend four months on rotation working in the Hospice to complement their general medical training.

In 2017 the Hospice, in conjunction with Bexley Clinical Commissioning Group and Oxleas NHS Trust, created a General Practice Fellowship Post. This post has enabled the medical team to expand and to promote further integration between the Hospice services and primary care.

The medical team offers face to face clinical services Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, and a member of the team is available for telephone advice 24/7.

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