What is a Virtual Ward?

Virtual Wards are a new way of providing more specialist support to more people. It will allow you to manage your care at home, and mean less unnecessary stays in hospitals.

Virtual Wards mean you may have daily reviews over the phone or via a video call. If needed, the team may visit you at home too, or ask for other professionals involved in your care to give you additional support.

Who will use a Virtual Ward?
Virtual Wards are for people who need some additional specialist support at home for a short time. They’re there to help address more complex medical needs, for example. Or, it may be that you’re leaving a hospice or hospital to go home and so need some extra specialist care available in your preferred place
of care or death.

How long will I use a Virtual Ward?
It’s important to note that it’s not a long-term plan; instead, it is up to a two week service, focused on monitoring your symptoms and condition in a way that offers you a more intensified treatment package to get you back on track. After the two weeks, you may not need the extra care anymore, or you may be referred to other services for additional support. Your care giver will discuss options with you for what happens after your time using the Virtual Ward.

Who will be involved with my care?
We have a team of hospice nurses and doctors who will help support you on the Virtual Ward. Both they and you will be given access to equipment such as apps for your smart phone or tablet (that are free to download) that can be used at home to improve your care. None of this will affect the support you’re already receiving from the hospice, district nurses or your GP. This is an additional service to make sure you’re getting the best possible care at home.

How do I get in touch?
If you’re being supported on a Virtual Ward and are looking for additional information or guidance please call 0208 320 5837.

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