At Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice, the wellbeing of our patients, their family and friends, staff and volunteers is our first priority and so we are following National advice and guidance about Coronavirus (COVID-19). We are taking all necessary precautions to keep our services open for the people who need us most.

You can find the latest information about the Coronavirus on the Government website here and the following information should give you everything you need to know about current Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice procedures.

We would like to thank you all for your continued understanding and support at this time.

Please do not hesitate to contact Kate Heaps, Chief Executive or Ellen Tumelty, Matron if you have any concerns or questions.

For patients and their families

We know that for many of our patients and their families this is an even more worrying time. We are here for you and continue to adapt the ways in which we respond to Covid-19 in order to support you.

Inpatient care

Our team of doctors, nurses, health care assistants and housekeepers are working around the clock on our inpatient unit, as they always do, to care for those people who need to stay with us for end of life care or who have difficult symptoms.

Each patient is welcome to nominate four people who can visit, please note that only two of these four visitors can visit together each day. Visiting is for an unlimited amount of time, day and night; this must be the same people throughout the patient’s stay. Patients will be asked for this information prior to admission.

The Next of Kin/patient will be asked to identify any additional people who are important to the patient as part of the admission process. Where the medical/nursing team identify that a patient has deteriorated and is thought to be entering the last days of life, those important to the patient will be invited to come to the Hospice to visit. At this point they can come and go as they please.

Community services

Our community teams are working differently too. Our Clinical Nurse specialists are split between two teams, with one team making vital house visits to people at home and the others calling patients on the phone, checking in to see how they are and offering advice and support to patients and other community Doctors and Nurses. This way we can ensure that we can keep up with the increasing numbers of people who need our help, enabling more people to get the care that they so desperately need. Our Community Health Care Assistants continue to visit people at home to deliver our very expert hands on care across Greenwich and Bexley.

On top of her usual workload, our Social Worker is busy ensuring patients have basic supplies at home. We are doing everything that we can to support them.

Our support staff and compassionate neighbours volunteers are working differently to keep in touch with patients who are isolated at home, or to help if they need things bringing to them.

Thank you

To everyone on the front line dealing with the crisis. Our special thanks go to all of you; health and social care workers, supermarket staff, lorry drivers, teachers, the police, council staff, funeral directors and so many others.

Look after yourself and look after each other. We are here if you need us. Thank you for your ongoing support.



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