The Hospice physiotherapy team aims to improve people’s quality of life by helping maximise and maintain their independence for as long as possible.

If you’re having difficulties with breathlessness, fatigue or pain or finding it difficult to carry out some physical functions, you can ask to see the physiotherapy team. Your carer or family can also be involved in sessions if they’re involved in your care.

The physiotherapy team is based in a spacious, well-equipped gym at the Hospice and will work with you to develop a programme that works for you – this could be a home exercise programme, joining group sessions at the Day Hospice, or taking part in 1:1 sessions in the gym.

All services and equipment are provided free of charge, in group or individual sessions at the Hospice or in people’s own homes.

What can I expect?

Some people may need physiotherapy and/or occupational therapy to manage their symptoms or maintain their independence.

One of the physiotherapy team will carry out an assessment in your own home or at the Hospice to identify the help that best suits you.

After the assessment, you may be asked to take part in a series of 1:1 sessions or join a group exercise session.

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