Leaving a gift in your Will - Frequently asked questions

How can I find a solicitor?

You can use one of our Free Will Writing Events to make or update your Will. Alternatively, you can find a local solicitor by contacting the Law Society on telephone number 020 7320 5650 or email at findasolicitor@lawsociety.org.uk

Is making a Will complicated?

A Will is important but it needn’t be complicated. Along with the right legal advice from your solicitor, this checklist will help you to make sure that your wishes are carried out.  It might save money if you complete this checklist before approaching a solicitor.

List your assets

Make a list of everything you own of value e.g. property, vehicles, investments, savings and collectibles.

List your liabilities

Work out what you owe at the time of writing your Will e.g. mortgage, loans, credit cards.

List your beneficiaries and legacies

Write down the full name and address of people you intend to include in your Will and be specific about what you want to leave them.  If you have dependents or pets, think about who will take care of them and how this will be paid for. If you want to leave a gift to charity in your Will then it’s a good idea to include its registered details – our details including suggested wording are in the How to write/update a Will page.

Choose someone to carry out your wishes (executors)

Executors can be professionals, such as solicitors or banks or they can be trusted relatives or friends. If nominating someone who isn’t a professional, please check they are willing to take on this substantial responsibility.

Double check your draft Will and make sure you sign it

Once your adviser has drafted your Will, read it through carefully and make sure it’s accurate and it says exactly what you want it to say. When you’re happy with it, the Will must be signed and dated by you and two witnesses.

Keep your Will safe

Once you’ve made your Will it’s important to store it safely. Review it regularly to ensure it reflects your circumstances and wishes

What is the difference between a single and mirror Will?

A single Will is a Will for an individual while a Mirror Will is for two separate Wills made by, for example spouses or partners - each of their Wills contain exactly the same wishes as the other.

What Tax Relief Is Available From Making A Legacy Gift?

If more than 10% of your total estate is left to a registered charity, your Inheritance Tax rate will be reduced.  For guidance, seek advice from a financial adviser. More information can be found online.

How will the gift in my Will be spent?

The money we raise will be spent on ensuring that local people with terminal illnesses have the best care and support. Our income from gifts in Wills will go towards achieving our goals so that in the future we can reach more people in our community and provide more care and support.

Can I specify where I want my gift to go?

Ideally we would like to use the gift you leave in your Will wherever it is most needed at the time. While some people do ask about leaving a legacy for a specific project or service, this can prove restrictive in the long run.

If you need more information or would like to discuss leaving a gift in your Will for the Hospice, please contact Jackie on 020 8320 5875 or jackiesmith@gbch.org.uk.

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